Pourover method

The way brew a coffee endless stream to be explored; coffee lovers may notice that more and more types of coffee brewing apparatus are marketed both in cafes, retail stores, and cyberspace. One method of brewing that is loved today is pourover.

How to brew that uses filters and dripper is preferred because of the relatively cheap but capable of producing coffee that accentuates acidity SEE ALSO: Acidity in coffee.

In the pourover method, coffee extracted by pouring hot water slowly and continuously passed through the coffee powder that is placed on the filter in the dripper. But if less scrupulous, the result can be too strong or too watery.


There are two important stages that must be done adequately in the pourovermethod:
Preinfusion stage, namely the process of pouring hot water evenly on the surface of the coffee grounds for the first time. This process aims to remove the CO2 gas that is still trapped inside the coffee beans during the roasting process. Wetting must be done slowly so that CO2 gas gets a chance to come out to the fullest.
Pouring stage, ie the process of pouring water on an ongoing basis or also gradually on the coffee powder to dissolve all the flavors of the ingredients dissolved (soluble) contained in coffee. Dissolved materials that make coffee taste good of which are sugars and organic acids. Things to note at this stage is to discharge water flow, water flow rate should ideally not too big.
The following basic techniques that can be tested using pourover when brewing your own coffee at home:
If you grind your own coffee beans, make sure the results medium groud, not too rough and not too smooth, with a level of uniformity good coffee powder.
Ideally, filters filled coffee powder ½ to 2/3 of it with a ratio of 10 sd. 18 grams of water for every 1 gram of coffee.
We recommend using a goose-necked carafe so you can control the flow of water pouring easier.
At this stage of Preinfusion stage, pour enough water to wet coffee grounds appear evenly, then wait for about 30 seconds before entering the casting stage.
At the stage of pouring, pour water onto the entire surface of the coffee powder slowly to discharge water that is not too big, or it could be while occasionally stopping so that the water is not too stagnant in the dripper. Total ideal brewing time ranging between 2-4 minutes-there are some people who brew over 4 minutes customize profiles  rasted coffee used.
At first glance, brew a coffee with pourover method looks easy, but in order to maintain consistency of quality brewing is not a simple thing. To be able to become an expert in this method, it takes much experimentation and practice, especially in the way we poured water, controlling the water flow, and maintain the ideal brewing time.


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