3 Characteristic do determinant the quality of the coffee

3 CHARACTERISTIC TO DETERMINANT THE QUALITY OF COFFE BEAN – The quality of the coffee beans is very important in determining the taste of the coffee dish produced SEE ALSO – COFFEE CUPPING -. Did you know that there are three characters contained in coffee beans and be the determinant of its quality? If you claim to be a fan of coffee, then following information is very valuable for you.


If you are a coffee connoisseur, then the acidity is the first characteristic to determinant the quality of coffee bean and give more ‘live’ taste sensation at the edge of your tongue. Therefore, the good coffee beans has acidity but with lower levels of its. Too high acidity causes coffee dish produced too acidic and the coffee dish are no longer feels good.

Coffee acidity level is determined by several factors, among which is the place to grow coffee and the processing plants.Coffee is grown in the highlands that is rich in volcanic minerals will have a high acidity level. Related with the coffee beans processing, wet processed coffee have acidity levels significantly higher than that dry processing. In addition, the acidity of the coffee SEE ALSO – COFFEE ACIDITY TASTE DEFINITION – also depends on the high roasting temperature, the type of grill, and cooking methods.The second


When you enjoy a coffee, then you will realize that the coffee aroma is the most important characteristic to determinant the quality of coffee bean.Each type of coffee have attributes that can stimulate the sense of smell

Coffee aroma received by our senses happens through two mechanisms, ie directly by the nose when we smell the aroma before we drink coffee. The second mechanism happens when the coffee has been in the mouth or has been swallowed and the volatile compounds found in coffee evaporate up into the nasal tract.

Did you know that the amount of volatile compounds found in coffee is increasing every year? If the current number of volatile compounds in coffee through the numbers 800, it is not impossible if in the coming years this number will increase steadily. This along with time, then the method of analysis of volatile compounds more accurate and sensitive. Therefore, the method developed at this time, there may still exist compounds that have not been identified and may have evaporated when extracted.


The body of coffee. Body is a “steady taste” the coffee you can feel by letting the coffee remains in the tongue and rub with the palate.Body ranged from mild to severe and affected by coffee roasting. Medium roasted coffee and concentrated will have a body that is heavier than the lighter roasted coffee.And it’s the third The third characteristic to determinant the quality of coffee bean.



    • Different brew it means the time the coffee extracted, the pressure and the material is different.That aspect affect the coffee taste.For example, when we brew using vietnamese coffee drip or moka pot or french press it will produce different taste because they have different system to extract the coffee.


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