Could we make a quality espresso without espresso machine? If you do not use the espresso machine, then use what? And what about the quality of the flavor and aroma? Not just this question that will be discussed this time, but also how and tools as well. So stay tune with us.

Before we talk further, let me explain briefly about espresso. Espresso can be interpreted as a coffee extract that is very thick and dense. Coffee extract is commonly used as a basic material for making various kinds of coffee servings as you meet at a coffee house in general. There was also coffee lovers who like to drink plain espresso.

Many times, Coffee Lovers want to make a coffee house dish-style , but difficult to find qualified prescription and difficult to make a delicious espresso. Obstacles to make an espresso is usually caused by the high price of espresso maker/coffee machine. Because the price is expensive, it is quite rare that someone buy espresso maker for personal use at home. this is why people can not make espresso so they can not also make a dish like a classy coffee as in their favorite coffee house.

Actually, there are several kinds of simple tools to make an espresso. Some of them are Frech Press, Classic coffee Drip / vietnamesse coffee drip, Moka Pot, Syphon, etc. Among the wide variety of tools, the best is the Classic coffee Drip in my opinion.

French Press


This tool is also commonly known as vietnamesse coffee drip. This simple tool can produce a concentrated espresso, steady, and have a good aroma. It is suitable as a base material serving a five-star coffee as we meet in the famous coffee house. Compared with other simple espresso maker, Classic coffee Drip is among the best, both in terms of taste, aroma, and price.

Coffe drip

Here are the steps for making espresso by using Classic coffee Drip:

  1. Put 2 teaspoons of ground coffee (for single shot) or 4 teaspoons of coffee powder (for a double shot)
  2. Flatten and pressed the coffee inside the drip using itspressing tool.
  3. Pour boiling water over the coffee drip until it is full
  4. Close Classic drip with lid (carefully because the classic drip surface is hot). Then wait for 5-10 minutes until its stops dripping the coffee extract.

After following the steps above, you can get a quality espresso without expensive espresso coffee machine.


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